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Choco Delights Dark

What sets apart these mouthful chocolate creations from anything you have ever tasted before is their silky, velvet texture covered with dark Belgian chocolate. Inspired by the Greek tradition of Akanés Serron these gourmet chocolate delights are made with premium dairy butter and well-roasted almonds. Their strong exquisite flavour will capture your senses and become your favorite coffee, tea, or juice accompaniment.

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The packaging of 150 g contains 6  pieces.

We ship our products worldwide, safely packed in:

For each box of 150 g, the product inside is securely packed in a tray and packed with metalized paper by the flow pack machine.

Then the box of 150 g, are carefully placed in carton boxes.

Carton box contains 30 boxes of 150 g.

We stack the carton boxes on pallets and wrap the pallets with a special film to secure that your order will get to you unharmed.

You can order all our products in bulk packages.