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knack with milk chocolate

Crisp wafer balls rolled in chocolate and filled with velvet cream made with hazelnuts praline paste

Exceptional crisp and light wafer balls rolled in Belgian milk chocolate and filled with velvet cream made with roasted hazelnuts’ praline. Rich yet light, buttery but also, low-calorie, these chocolate bonbons will crumble delightfully and melt slowly in the mouth leaving the palate with the delicious aftertaste of their premium and nourishing ingredients.

Now, everybody has the Knack for tasting sweet and joy in a beautiful box containing 6 generous-sized choco balls!


The packaging of 110 g contains 6  choco balls

We ship our products worldwide, safely packed in:

For each box of 110 g, the product inside is securely packed in a tray and packed with metalized paper by the flow pack machine.

Then the box of 110 g, are carefully placed in carton boxes.

Carton box contains 30 boxes of 110 g.

We stack the carton boxes on pallets and wrap the pallets with a special film to secure that your order will get to you unharmed.

You can order all our products in bulk packages.